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Teachley: Operations

The most effective way to teach math fact fluency

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A complete fact fluency program for iPad

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Addimal Adventure teaches single-digit addition for grades K-2.

Addimal Adventure


Subtractimals teaches single-digit subtraction for grades K-2.

With a premium Teachley account, you receive real-time data about how each child is performing, which standards they are meeting and insight to help target your interventions.

Mt. Multiplis

Mt. Multiplis helps students learn complex multiplication strategies for grades 3-5.

Fact Flyer promotes multiplication and division fluency while reinforcing the relationship between the two operations.

In-Depth Reporting 

Personalized Learning 

Teachley: Operations enables you to easily personalize Teachley apps for each student.

Our platform works with all iPad programs, including 1:1, shared carts, and centers. 

Fact Flyer